Our History

Stella Pastry and Café is located on the main drag of North Beach, San Francisco’s Little Italy. Since 1942, Stella Pastry and Café has been baking traditional Italian pastries and cakes. Over the years, Stella Pastry and Café has become a desired destination for tourist and locals due to its ambiance. A giant mural of the city of Lucca done in terra-cotta tones and the cloud painted high ceilings give Stella Pastry and Café an old world flavor. In an ever changing world with trends that come and go, Stella is a tradition that never goes out of style!

Stella Pastry and Café offers a large variety of traditional Italian cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, specialty seasonal items and more! We sell a large variety of biscotti and cookies which are made in-house with winning recipes from Italy. Our wide variety of pastries include: éclairs, napoleons, slices of all our specialty cakes as well as tarts and mousses imported from Italy. We bake panetonne all year round and bake danishes fresh every morning.

Our variety of cakes include: our very popular Tiramisu, Chocolate Fedora, Saint Honore, Black and White, and of course our famous house specialty and claim to fame trademarked Sacripantina. We have been proudly serving the Sacripantina for over forty years. Our traditional cakes have been a vital part of special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, christenings, and anniversaries for generations.